1. But God

From the recording Believe

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But God
Words and music by Jason Cox & Kenna West
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Verse 1
Clock starts ringing, I’m up with the sunrise Another crazy day, yeah, that’s life
I’m always wishing there was
Time to catch my breath
Never seem to know what’s coming But I’ve learned to roll with the punches When I’m in way, over my head
Sometimes everything that can go wrong you know it will

But God, is gonna be working for my good
But God, He’s gonna come though like said, He, would Two little words change everything
So I lift my hands and sing
But God, But God

Verse 2
With ev’ry battle, one thing is certain I can take Him at His Word and Every promise that’s He’s made, hey I’ve made them mine
So no matter what I’m facing Every single situation
I can choose to draw the line
Yeah, my world is shaking, spinning, turning upside down Repeat Chorus

But God, who is rich in mercy, out of His great Love Stands beside me whatever I’m in the middle of But God
But God
Repeat Chorus 2X