1. Safe

From the recording Believe

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Special guest vocalist, Michael Booth of the Booth Brothers


Toni Jolene Clay, Rob Collins, Maury Davis ©2011

I asked Him the question, how did this happen?
I’ve tried so hard to live my life for You
He spoke to my heart and calmed my fear, “Be still, my child, for I am here,
I understand this journey you now take”

“And you are safe in the arms of Jesus
Sheltered from the storm
Safe in the arms of Jesus
Safe in the arms of Love”

“Be sure I am listening, each time you ask me
Just how to keep from being so afraid
I know the hurt you feel, and I know the pain is real, For I have heard your tears fall
In the stillness of the night”

“I know the plans that I have made for you
There’s not a sorrow I can’t bring you through
The old shall pass away, behold I make you new
And there’s nothing that can separate my love from you