From the recording Believe

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All You Ask Of Me
Words and music by Sue C Smith, Christy Sutherland & Kenna West
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Verse 1
Here I am again
Where I never thought I’d be again Feels like the walls are closing in In this place
I know that I should I pray
Why is it so hard for me to pray You know everything I’ll say Before I do
I’m counting on you to be strong When it’s all I can do to hold on

What you ask of me
Is trust when it’s darkest
Hope when it’s hopeless
And I’m on my knees
To cling to your hand
A little while longer
And whisper I choose to believe That’s all you ask of me

Verse 2
I have felt your love
And when I’ve been so close to giving up Somehow it’s always been enough
For each day
So I come to you
I’m here because you say your word is true And you’re making all things new
Like you promised
I can’t always see when or how But here’s what I’m sure of for now