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Find My Rest in You
Lindsey Graham
When I don’t understand
And can’t explain why
Where then do I stand?
I can step away farther
Or draw near to God
That choice is in my hands
My heart is breaking and fears are awakened
I’m weary from this fight
I’m faced with decision
Trust God’s provision
Or walk alone through this night

I will stand on Your Word
Boldly enter Your throne of grace
Pray for mercy and strength renewed
Try to find my rest in You
Find my rest in You

You’re my Father, my Sustainer
The lifter of my head
You’re my provider, Jehovah Jireh
My life is in Your hands
No longer weary for my God is with me
The Rock on which I stand


You’re Redeemer, Healer,
Awesome in power
Righteous, Omnipotent
You’re my Strong Tower
Deliverer, Comforter
Fighting my battles
Savior, Almighty God