1. I Will Rest

From the recording Believe

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I Will Rest
Words and music by Allison Gilliam
Daywind Music Publishing

I will rest on the rock that is Jesus;
I will live in the shelter of God, Most High, Let His Holy Spirit so gently guide me;
I will rest through the darkest night;
I will rest through the darkest night.

I will rest when the storm clouds gather;
I will know what its like to trust in the Lord; Though the journey I’m taking is so uncertain, I will rest in God even more;
I will rest in God even more.

I will rest knowing God has been faithful;
I will tell of His mercy as long as I breathe; He is just as He was and will always be;
I will rest and I will believe;
I will rest, and I will believe.

I will rest when Eternity calls me;
I will welcome the safety from all that harms; No more crying, dying, or suffering,
I will rest in the Savior’s arms;
I will rest in my Savior’s arms.