From the recording Believe

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Before You Change The World
Words and music by Lee Black &
Kenna West
Daywind Music Publishing

Verse 1
I got some big plans, big dreams Wanna do some great things Make a difference here and now
So many people hurting
All along and searching
And I wanna tell em, what can turn it around
But like a broken record stuck in my head
I never will forget the words the preacher said

Before you change the world
It’s gotta start with you
So it’s not just what you say it’s what you do
Before you change the world
And help somebody else
Start with yourself before you change the world

Verse 2
When I wake up each day
There’s a prayer that I pray
Lord won’t you use me somehow
Help me tell your story
Live to bring you glory
So that each and every moment will count
But when I look into the mirror I see
A person staring back who keeps reminding me


I’m not trying to be preaching
But souls need reaching
If you want to share His love
There’s one thing I’m sure of