From the recording I Lift My Voice

Belinda Lee Smith, Kenna West, Ricky Brian Free
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A Little More Love

There’s a world of people searching for answers
First looks and second glancers
Sometimes I wonder what do they see
They’re just trying to fill the spaces
All the lonely empty places
Unsure, of just what they need
The question is do they see Jesus in you and me?

We need to live the kind of life
That shines the light we have inside
So they can see what mercy does

It all comes down to who we know
It’s all about the grace we show
Just saying the words is not enough
We need a little more love

Verse 2
I’m not saying we’ll always be perfect
But every day I live I’m learning
That He can use just about anything
The day in day out stuff that we’re facing
Every single situation
Is just another opportunity

For the Lord to show somebody what it means to be free

We all could use a little love
We pray for love