From the recording I Lift My Voice

By Jason Clark
© Copyright 2015. Daddy Sang Bass Music/BMI/Christian Taylor Music, a div. of Daywind Music/BMI (admin. By ClearBox Rights.) All rights reserved. Used by Permission.


No Greater Song

Listen to the song of creation
As nature lifts its voice to sing
Hear the waves crash on the ocean
Little birds join in melody

You can hear it rising all around us
But still a greater song can be heard
Started by the Babe in the manger
The song of our Redeemer’s birth

No greater song than the song of Jesus
No greater Name sung in harmony
The sweetest song in the earth and heaven
Is the song that He loves me
It is the song Jesus loves me

Sing, oh sing of our Redeemer
Sing of His mercy and His love
Sing of how He died to save us
How we could never thank Him enough

He is coming in all of His glory
To take the bride, His church away
Then the redeemed from every nation
In one mighty voice will praise His Name


Our soon and coming King
Redemption’s story sings
The song of the redeemed