From the recording I Lift My Voice

Rusty Golden and Dianne Wilkinson
Copyright © 2011 Rusty Golden Music Inc. (BMI). Christian Taylor Music, div. of Daywind Music (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by permission.


Remember My Name

Verse 1:
There’s no other name in all God’s creation
So worthy of worship and praise
His mercy compelled Him to offer salvation
To the lost and the dying…His love and His grace.

Jehovah…Redeemer…Lord God Almighty
Creator, and ever the same
He speaks to a world who would try to deny Him
And whispers, “Remember my Name”.

Verse 2:
God in the Person of Jesus our Savior
From Heaven so willingly came
Son of God, Son of Man, and so highly favored
He says with His Father, “Remember my Name”.

Repeat Chorus

To a world that’s forgotten God’s grace and glory
It’s still not too late to proclaim
“Lord, we adore You…there’s hope in no other
We heard when you whispered: “Remember my Name”.